Found Objects

Green Tile Pendant

Found objects, like the green piece of tile in this necklace, are fun to work with and inspire creativity.  This piece was found on a local beach and has a smooth, matte finish much like beach glass.  I created the setting for it out of sterling silver and then accented it with beads in tones of green, turquoise and a light bronze color.  I think the addition of the warm toned bronze color beads adds a richness to the entire piece.

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2 Responses to Found Objects

  1. that is wonderful….i would never have known in was a found object

  2. My boyfriend found this piece on one of his walks on a tiny beach in an urban area nearby. It was found amidst litter and trash. Maybe it washed up from demolition of some sort or was left over from a renovation project. I am happy to be the recipient.

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