I am happy; I can solder.

My Tanks

My Tanks

I use a combination of oxygen and propane to solder and I recently ran out of oxygen.  Without it, no soldering.  The flame using propane alone is just not hot enough.  The place I normally use is a little bit of a drive, so I thought a nearby medical supply place would be the answer.  No such luck – they wanted a prescription.

So, yesterday my boyfriend took the oxygen tank in to get a full one.  He brought it to me last night, we set it up, and there was no pressure – it was empty.  So, he returned it today.  They apologized, said they think they got a whole batch that was empty and gave us a full one.  Tonight I am happy my soldering operation is back in business.

Getting an oxygen tank is just like getting propane for a gas grill.  You turn in your empties and they give you full ones in return.  Or, more precisely, you give them your halfway decent looking clean, tank and you get a cruddy one in return.  I asked my boyfriend to make sure we get a nice one.  He says there is no way he can walk into a welding supply store and ask for a cute tank.  I accept this and am just happy to be back in business.

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