Makeover – Bead Dreamer Style

Green Drop NecklaceI try very hard to create beautiful, unusual, artisan jewelry that meets a certain level of quality in design.  Most of the time I succeed.  Once in a while, I put something together, look at it later, and have the “what were you thinking” moment.

That happened with the first piece I made using the dark green drop at the bottom of this necklace.  I think my mistake was trying to use the drop as a focal point by itself .  It did not have the presence that it now has used in conjunction with the coin and wrapped wire.  So, I cut the – shall we say – less than successful piece apart, let the green drop hang out for a while, got this idea, and tried again.  The result is so much better.  As we move into 2009, is there anything you would like to make over?

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2 Responses to Makeover – Bead Dreamer Style

  1. Chris says:

    I was sitting here on new years day thinking about the things I want to ‘make over’ when I read this post. We always think of new years as a time for making resolutions and starting over. I like the Bead Dreamer approach better – if something doesn’t look right cut it up and try again. No need to wait for an arbitrary day in January.

    I’m really loving the photos. Top notch.

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