It finally came!!


I have been waiting for the 2009 Penland catalog to arrive and it came yesterday.  I got email from one of my classmates (Lower Metals 2008 ) that hers arrived last week.  I hoped that it would come on Friday.  Then, for sure, on Saturday.  Well, it finally came yesterday and I am so excited.  I really believe in life-long learning and work hard to improve my skills and grow as an artist.  Penland is such a wonderful environment to learn in.  I would encourage any artist, artisan, or craftsperson who can to take a class there.

It would be fantastic to take the summer off and attend 2-3 sessions, but alas, I must work at my day job to support my bead and metal habit.  I am off to get started on my application.  If I get accepted, I will try to blog everyday about the experience.

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6 Responses to It finally came!!

  1. That is great…do they do distance or must it be hands on?

  2. To my knowledge all of Penland’s classes are hands on. I do think there are other learning institutes that offer web or DVD based tutorials. I have learned a lot from books during times when I could not attend classes in person – when it comes to learning, I will take what is available to me and am really grateful when I can attend a class.

  3. jamie says:

    Oh dear how embarrassing … I just drooled on my screen! Gorgeous work!

  4. Cherin says:

    Stunning necklace. I’ve visited the Penland School and it’s a wonderful place. I hope you get a chance to study there.

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