Raven Necklace

Raven Necklace

The inspiration for this necklace came as I was making the little metal bar that attaches the tassel to the necklace.  It is made of textured sterling silver and a smaller copper strip.  They were soldered together and then I experimented.  I flowed solder on top of the piece to add an additional coloration.

Once I made the metal piece, I knew I wanted to make a  tassel necklace and chose these colors.  I find them to be darkly romantic and think the use of the distressed metal bar adds a tiny bit of edge to the piece.  I chose a rectangular toggle clasp in counterpoint to the metal bar and named the necklace Raven.

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One Response to Raven Necklace

  1. Andrea says:

    Awsome. I love this necklace. The color, the forms, everything.

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