The Empty Bowl

Empty Bowl

A dear friend asked me to make an art piece for a project she was participating in called The Empty Bowl.  The Empty Bowl is an international project to fight hunger.

This is the bowl I made.  I decided to make a bowl that was both empty and bottomless, sugnifying the fact that the need is endless.  The bowl is made of torn strips of fabric, woven around rope, and coiled into a bowl form.  The discs attached to the outside are slices from cut up empty ink pens.  The ones I used are shown below.

The bowl now resides on the island of Hokkaido in Japan.


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3 Responses to The Empty Bowl

  1. Beaded…this bowl is beautiful. Love your creative spirti.

  2. Mortira says:

    What great inspiration! I love that you used previously-loved materials. The result is gorgeous!

  3. Chelsea says:

    What a gorgeous piece. This is beautiful!

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