Purple Teardrop Beads

Purple teardrop beadsI just finished a piece of jewelry and was ready to start the next, so I went rummaging through my beads to see what struck my fancy and I noticed these lovely purple teardrop beads.  I thought they would be beautiful in a pair of dangle earrings and decided to pair them with some beadwork.  Here are the supplies and tools I am using and I’ve already started the beadwork.

I’m looking forward to completing the beadwork and then determining the best way to attach the beadwork and purple teardrop beads.  I hope to have it finished today or tomorrow and will post it when I’m done.

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2 Responses to Purple Teardrop Beads

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  2. The purple beads should be a good base for some neat jewelry. It will be fun to see the final product 🙂

    at Rings & Things

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