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Mixing Patterns

Recently, I was cleaning up from a jewelry project that involved mostly white beads and I noticed these white porcelain beads with flowers on them.  I have had these beads a while, looked at them a thousand times before, and … Continue reading

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Grape Hyacinths

I love these little flowers.  Even though they are called hyacinths, they are really members of the lily family.  I can see a little resemblance to lilys of the valley in how the flowers hang.  I am fortunate to have … Continue reading

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Carpet Circles – Working Title

I give my jewelry women’s names.  Some pieces are named for people I know, others are given a name I like or think suits the piece.  I usually name jewelry after I’ve done the photography.  Prior to that time, they have working … Continue reading

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Expressing Gratitude

The past few weeks have been busy ones.  I’ve been working hard to prepare new pieces for the three stores that carry Bead Dreamer jewelry, making sure each has a nice quantity of interesting, beautiful, and unique pieces.  The owners … Continue reading

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Cobalt and Copper

These two colors love each other and always will.  I use a lot of silver and gold toned metals, but every so often turn to copper.  It has a warmth and richness that is very appealing and in certain cases … Continue reading

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Many to One Bracelet

I made this bracelet using the same “many to one” technique I wrote about earlier.  The other piece was a necklace and, this time, it’s a bracelet.  The concept and method of construction are the same, the length of the … Continue reading

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Art Pendant Necklace

When I considered how to approach this necklace, my first thought was to use beads in similar tones as the prominent greens and yellows in the pendant.  I soon realized this created conflict and competition rather than harmony.  I changed … Continue reading

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