Furnace Glass

Furnace Glass 1

I finished the bracelet I showed in the design stage in an earlier post.  I love it – love the rich, vibrant colors accented by the sterling silver beads and love the stacked two beads in the center.

The striped beads used in the piece are called furnace glass.  They are a type of bead made from glass canes and they are gorgeous.   I think the first ones I ever saw were at a bead show.  I walked up to a display by Olive Glass and it was like being in a candy store.  This particular type of glass allows for really vibrant colors, crisp lines, bright whites, and has been a favorite of jewelry designers for years.  The beads do have large holes, so you have to handle them a little bit differently, but they are oh so worth the effort.

Furnace Glass 2

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