Woodland Necklace

Juliana Necklace

I was inspired to make this piece by the woods, ferns, wildflowers, and plants in general in all of their beauty.  I hand-beaded the base in an earthy, matte brown color using peyote stitch.  At the top of the brown base, I added extra rows, folded the top over, and then stitched it down to make a little opening for beading wire.  I then created each of the flowers and leaves and stitched them onto the base.  The tricky part is doing it so that you see none of the stitches that attach the pieces together from the front or the back.  Making jewelry that is neatly finished has always been important to me.

I used a combination of glass beads in deep rich colors – turquoise, garnet, purple, green – that I think accent the pendant.  I’ve done two necklaces of this type.  The first had a navy blue peyote base and a dragonfly and flowers beaded onto it.  A friend bought it and says people comment whenever she wears it, walking down the street, in airports, wherever.  I decided to do another, not the same design, but same type of necklace and enjoyed creating it.  It is sold and I hope the owner not only enjoys wearing it, but maybe feels a little of the love and care that went into making it.

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