Making Jump Rings

Making Jump Rings

I love designing and making jewelry, but to do it, every so often you have to deal with some basic and not so glamorous tasks.  One of those tasks is making jump rings.  I use a mixture of purchased jump rings and ones I make.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, jump rings are little circles or ovals used to connect jewelry components together.  You can make them by finding something (a dowel for example) in the desired shape and size and then wrapping wire around it until you make a little coil.  You then cut the coil into individual rings.  These are some of the items I use to make jump rings in the sizes I need.

I will be using these to finish bracelets and necklaces, so I will solder them closed to add more security to the finished pieces.  Here are some I have cut and others still in a coil waiting to be cut.  Once I’m done, it’s back to the fun stuff!

Jump Rings

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