Classic Cobalt

Cobalt Necklace

Cobalt blue is such a wonderful, classic color that can hold its own in any crowd.  I usually set gemstones in silver, but found this cobalt blue glass piece and thought it would make a very nice pendant.  I drew a circle frame around the cobalt piece and then added a decorative element to the top.  The handcrafted pendant is accented in the necklace by beads in shades of blue – cobalt, navy, and sapphire.  Even though a lot of blue is used in this piece, the shapes, textures, and finished are all different to add interest to the necklace.  Sterling silver corrugated beads and blue beads with white spots reflect back to the pendant.

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2 Responses to Classic Cobalt

  1. Andrea says:

    Beautiful, gorgeous color, all that cobalt and silver.

  2. Mortira says:

    This is gorgeous! There’s just something about cobalt blue that really grabs the eye and holds on to it.

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