I Have Come a Long Way

when it comes to jewelry photography.  The funny thing is, back when I was taking bad photos, I didn’t even know they were bad.  I took them to have historical documentation of my work.  I’m glad I have them especially because I can see growth through the years.  But, back to the pictures…

Here is a bracelet I re-photographed.  I am very happy with the result.  I think the bracelet comes to life and think the rich colors of the bracelet and background complement each other nicely.

Liza Bracelet

This is a really bad photos of the same bracelet.  I didn’t have the lighting right.  I didn’t know how to get a sense of dimension.  I don’t know what I was thinking with the crumpled paper bag thing.  I have worked a lot of things out since then.

Red Bracelet Bad Photo

Photography is not my field of study and I have huge respect for those who do it well.  I didn’t pay much attention before, but now, when I flip through magazines and catalogs, I think about the photographers, stylists, editors, and other people it takes to get great looking product shots.  They do it so well and make it look effortless.

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4 Responses to I Have Come a Long Way

  1. Menka says:

    Hi BeadDreamer,

    I recently started following your blog and must say you are very good at describing your beautiful jewelry. I am really inspired and motivated to evolve my blog now 🙂

    It will be great if you could share a tip or two which helped you migrate from your first picture to the current one. Your experience will defintely help newbies like me.

  2. Leonie says:

    I commented on the wrong post – I love THIS bracelet:)

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