Cat Bead Bracelet

Cat Bead Bracelet

There was a period of time when I made several pieces of jewelry featuring cats.  Mostly necklaces, but also some bracelets and earrings here and there.  One of the stores that carries my work had customers who really liked cat jewelry and I sold every piece I ever took there.  I stopped making cat jewelry, not because I didn’t like it, but because it got difficult to find cat pendants and beads that were not too juvenile looking.  So, I moved on to other things and forgot about cat jewelry.

Recently, I noticed that I had a few of these blue and white porcelain cat beads left and decided to use them.  I think pairing them with the cobalt and copper swirl glass beads gives the bracelet a nice level of sophistication.  I’m happy with the result and hope the ultimate owner will be as well.  Maybe I should take another look at what is available in cat beads.  There could be some new things out there that I would enjoy working with and customers would enjoy wearing.

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2 Responses to Cat Bead Bracelet

  1. beadinggem says:

    This is a gorgeous combination – the royal blue and copper. One of my favorites.One of my beading students did an earring once with those colors. Pearl

  2. puprut says:

    now…i know where to find a good one.
    what a good story ….then. good job guys…

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