A Tale of Two Bracelets

Coral Ceramic w ATB

These two bracelets were both inspired by the same coral and gray ceramic beads with dramatically different results.  The ceramic beads were handmade by a fabulous bead artist and I wish I remembered his name.  I’ll have to search through some old records to see if I have any trace of it.  He makes ceramic beads that have a quality about them that I really love and it would be awesome to be able to find him again.

Anyway, back to the bracelets.  I made the bracelet below with the silver and wood beads first.  I had three of the ceramic beads and the design just did not work if I tried to use them all.  It worked with two beads so I had one of them left.  I wanted to use it, they are just so gorgeous, and wanted to make something completely different.  Part of the joy for me is in the creative process so I try to stretch and take different approaches with the same materials.  I think I achieved what I set out to do – two very different bracelets that both accent and complement the same ceramic beads.

Coral Ceramic Bracelet

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