In a Green Mood with Touches of Blue

Green and Aqua Necklace

I would say, until the last month or two, I have had this curiously strong attraction to green and also to aqua and turquoise to lesser extents.  Whenever I would decide what to work on next, I would look through my beads, select what really intersted me at the moment, and realize it was green.  Over and over again.  Sometimes I would work on it anyway.  Other times, I would say to myself – no, you have to use other colors.  Not everyone wants green jewelry.

This went on for quite a while, several months actually.  I think I’m out of it.  When I finish a piece of jewelry, the next stop for it is photography.  Until I’m ready to take the pictures, I keep the jewelry in a pretty box and when I looked in it recently, there was nothing green, aqua, or turquoise.  Amazing.  Although, as I look at my work table, I see a recently completed turquoise and green bracelet and the necklace I just started is green and blue with some gray.  Hmmmm….

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3 Responses to In a Green Mood with Touches of Blue

  1. Beau Dangles says:

    Another “greenie”! I too have been doing a lot of green pieces lately. Couldn’t quite figure it out as I never really thought that green jewelry was very appealing. But since doing several necklaces I’ve changed my mind. Gosh, I might even get into browns next!

    I was also interested in your post on heating copper. i haven’t worked with copper at all (maybe that will fit with my “brown” phase?) … so perhaps I’ll try that next. By the way, how do you heat the copper and what do you seal it with?


  2. Andrea says:

    What an amazing job you do. How come I love most of the things you show? 🙂

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