Yellow Flower Pendant

Sabrina Necklace

This pendant was made using the same technique used for the blue flower earrings, except I made two different components and developed a way to link the two components together.  It was not easy to get through.  I mean – physically.  The two pendant components were made using square stitch.    On its own, square stitch is a stitch that requires quite a few passes through each bead.  As a result, it’s a very strong stitch and one that is very difficult to take apart when you need to correct a mistake.

The layering and stitching technique used to make this pendant and the earrings requires even more passes through the beads.  I start out using a #10 beading needle.  They are easier to thread and handle.  Once the beads start filling up with thread and get harder and harder to get through, I change to a smaller #13 needle – hard to thread and not as easy to work with.  Near the end, I must tread a careful line between using enough force to make the necessary stitches and not using so much that I break any beads.  I completed it and love the results.  The #13 needle – a bit mangled from the pressure of my hands, but it did the job.

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