Bead Weaving Thread


For bead weaving, I use Nymo and C-Lon thread.  The little spools of thread in the bobbin case and the large white cone of thread are Nymo.  The three tubes of little spools are C-Lon.  Both are very strong given the thinness of a single strand.

I like Nymo because it comes in various sizes.  Size D is the size I use with size 11 seed beads and Delicas.  Sizes B, 0, and 00 are thinner and are used with size 14 and 15 seed beads.  C-Lon is very strong and comes in a larger array of colors than Nymo, but as far as I know, there is only one size so you can’t use it in situations where you need thinner thread.  Nymo has the sizes, but just does not come in as many colors.  Maybe they will marry and produce children in multiple sizes and colors.  That would be divine.

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3 Responses to Bead Weaving Thread

  1. Joann Loos says:

    C-Lon does come in Size AA. I’ve included the link to the Caravan Beads site. Unfortunately, they seem to sell them in boxes of 12 bobbins.



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