The Hammers in Lower Metals

One thing I really like about Penland’s metal studios are the abundance and availability of tools and equipment that many of us may not have access to in our own studios or workshops.  This is the rack of hammers in Lower Metals.  I think you can see that there are front and back rows on both the top and bottom.  Impressive by my standards.

Penland Hammers

At this time, I have eight hammers in my personal hammer collection so I am no where near being able to touch this collection.  I ordered a planishing hammer when I got back.  I am also looking for a tiny ball peen and a tiny cross peen.  If anyone knows a source for these, please let me know.  My smallest ball peen is a two ounce hammer and I am looking for one even smaller if I can find it.

What is even better than the availability of the tools and equipment is the fact that the instructors and metals staff know how to properly  use and care for them.  They are also knowledgeable about safety and precautions one should take when using tools and equipment.  The various catalogs and websites of those selling tools try really hard to explain these things, but it is no where near as helpful as having someone stand beside you how to use something, and then stand beside you while you try.

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