Aqua Flowers and Yellow Pearls

For some reason this year, these little glass flower beads caught my eye and I began thinking of ways to use them grouped together in some manner with a base underneath them.  This is the third piece I have made using them – I did a pair of earrings with a different shape in cornflower blue and a necklace in a golden yellow color.

These earrings, as well as the other pieces, were made by creating a double layer of square stitch creating a stable base and then sewing the flowers on, passing through each flower twice for strength.  I’ve also been enamored with this shade of aqua and yellow this year and find it cropping up here and there in other pieces.  I like the technique I’ve used here.  The resulting pieces are strong and very stable.  It is one that takes patience, a quality most of us that work with beads tend to have.

Julie Earrings

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One Response to Aqua Flowers and Yellow Pearls

  1. beth says:

    Wow the give away look is so cute. I am thinking to gift the same to my GF. It looks awesome. Thanks for the wonderful pic

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