Operculum Shell Bracelet

Chantal Bracelet

This bracelet features little shells called operculum shells.  I got the shell beads at a local bead store, liking the colors, they way they felt, and the fact that they were fairly flat on one side – something different from most shells I have worked with.  I think many of us that make things are always on the lookout for something unusual – whether its beads, fabric, paper, yarn, or other materials.

I’ve used them in a few pieces like the bracelet shown here.  While I was working on it, I picked up one of the shells and wondered how whatever creature formerly resided in the shell got parts of themselves in and out since there was no apparent opening.  I searched on the Internet and found out that operculum shells are little lids or covers at the opening of larger shell structures. They are quite lovely and their unique shape leads to some interesting designs.

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4 Responses to Operculum Shell Bracelet

  1. Joyce says:

    I really like the mixed media approach using shells, crystals, glass and other materials. Thanks for the factual information about the shells. I have a package of theses myself and it’s neat to know where they come from.

  2. solange says:

    do you know where i would be able to buy loose operculum beads like the ones in the pictures? i’m looking for ones that haven’t been drilled. thanks!

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