Not a Success Only Journey

Black Red Cream Necklace

When we are reaching, stretching, pushing our limits, we make mistakes, have problems, and stuff happens.  I don’t like this anymore than anyone else, but I know that if I never experience problems and mistakes then I am playing it way too safe, relying far too much on what I already know.  And so, I push ahead.

This necklace is an example.  The small black glass cab with a bit of red was the smallest thing I had bezel set at the time.  And I wanted to do it.  I saw the complete pendant in my mind – the wire-wrapped porcelain drop, the black and red cab set properly, and I wanted to do it.

So, I set out to make the bezel setting for the small black and red piece and ran into trouble.  I made rings out of bezel wire, tried to solder them closed, and either solder would run up one side or I toasted the bezel with too much heat and part of it melted.  After destroying a few of them, I stepped back to analyze the situation.  Solder running to one side was a symptom of uneven heating.  This bezel was small so there wasn’t much mass.  I was using the pick to hold the solder beside the seam.  Maybe the pick was drawing too much heat for this small bezel??  I tried it without the pick, and success.  The photo below – the toasted and melted pieces created while learning.  And isn’t learning what it is all about?


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  1. WoW! Thank you very much for that enlightening article

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