Romance, Attitude and Crystals

Romance Attitude Crystals

The folks at Swarovski just don’t quit.  It seems every time you turn around they are introducing new colors, shapes, and designs.  They are always gorgeous and you can count on consistent quality.  I was browsing around on (bead shopping being a favorite activity) and just could not resist.  I had not worked with any of the Swarovski pendants before and decided to try the square and rock pendants used in this piece.

When they arrived, I set them on a blank sheet of white paper to begin sketching and working out a design.  I knew the foundation of the design would be the decision I made in how to hang or attach the square to the rest of the necklace.  My initial thought was to use strips of square stitch – one at the top to attach the square to the necklace and another strip at the bottom to attach the rock pendant, but I knew that would cover up quite a bit of the crystal square.  So, I decided to prong set it in silver and I am so glad I did.

I textured the silver with a pattern with rounded edges to reflect the scroll pattern in the silver beads in the necklace and the scroll used to hang the green rock pendant.  I think those components together with the color of the crystals and glass pearls create a dark romantic feel.  Setting the square slightly askew and letting the prongs extend into the negative space at the center of the square add a bit of attitude.  I’m inspired and would like to work with Swarovski crystal pendants again.  Next, I’m envisioning a rectangular setting where a trio of smaller crystal squares are lined up and prong set.  Maybe romance, attitude, and crystals leads to more crystals.

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