Texturing Metal

Irene Earrings

Adding texture to metal gives it such interest and depth.  Smooth metal polished to a high shine has its beauty too, but at least for now, I am drawn to textured metal.  I’m enjoying the exploration of different methods to create texture.  A lot can be done with hammers and chasing tools.  If you’re lucky enough to own or have access to a rolling mill, many different things can be used to create texture.  I’ve seen lace used beautifully to create texture with a rolling mill, for example.

The textured discs in these earrings were made by annealing a small sheet of sterling silver, taking it outside to the sidewalk outside my studio, laying it on the sidewalk and hitting it with a plastic mallet.  I did a test on a piece of copper first and just loved the results.  Now, I find myself looking around for other surfaces that might yield interesting results.   Any ideas?

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One Response to Texturing Metal

  1. Teresa says:

    Amazing pieces….very fine great creativity.
    Regards from Spain

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