Planning Ahead

Melanie Necklace

I try to think ahead a few months when planning the jewelry I will be working on (in a general sense) and ordering beads and other components.  For the remainder of this year, I have a schedule I adhere to (mostly) when it comes to restocking the stores that carry my jewelry.  I am also planning one show this fall thus far – Hampton’s Bay Days – a large festival in Hampton, VA in September.  I also start thinking about fall and the holidays, planning for adequate levels of inventory and any trunk shows or other events I might participate in.

I have also begun to incorporate some of the contests and calls for entries that tend to occur annually as I have a goal of entering more of these events as a way to continue growing as an artist.  As artisans and craftspeople, we have to don many hats.  I know I prefer keeping the creative hat on, but sometimes the business and planning hats are necessary to keep my jewelry business running smoothly.  I’ll get back to the fun stuff soon enough.

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