Calming Things Down

FishButton NecklaceThere are times when I look at a design I am in the process of creating and realize it is way too busy.  When that happens, there are a couple of approaches I can take to calm the piece down.

  • Introduce Neutrals.  Black can work particularly well.  As can metal beads in silver, gold, or copper tones.
  • Increase repetition.   Choose one (or more) of the quieter beads in the piece and use more of them.
  • Separate things.  Insert little seed beads between the larger beads –more than one may be needed.  Or, use knotting or crimp beads and let some of the beading wire create a restful space at intervals.

This necklace had that challenge as I worked on it.  I set the little fish buttons in sterling silver using small tabs to minimize the amount of setting that was visible.  I think the stripes in the top fish, the presence both a horizontal and vertical element, as well as motion in the pendant combined to then require a necklace that was interesting but also quiet enough to allow the pendant to be the focal point.  This necklace – took all three techniques.

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