Tin is In

Sara Necklace

To quote the talented Marlene True – “Tin is in and good as gold.”  And she’s right.  Tin is a great resource for jewelry making.  It can be cut, filed, and drilled using regular jeweler’s tools.  Tin that is painted cannot be heated without affecting the paint, but it can be attached using rivets and tabs – probably other ways as well.

This necklace was made using a piece of tin I have had for a while.  I kept it because it was pretty, figuring I’d find a use for it someday.  That day finally came and I love the resulting necklace.  I cut a section out that had a lovely flowering tree motif and then cut a second larger piece out of nickle silver for the backing.  I textured the backing piece, drilled holes where needed and riveted the two together.  I still have some of the tin left, so who knows – you may see it crop up in other pieces.

I’ve mentioned that I was working with tin to some friends, and they all smiled and said they had some stashed away in a closet, or the garage, or wherever.  They’ve made donations, happy to see a use for the items.  As a result, my tin stash is growing and I’m excited about working with more of it.

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2 Responses to Tin is In

  1. When you talk about tin, are you talking about the metal from cookie tins and such? The flowered tree pattern is lovely and made a beautiful piece. I used to make Flower ornaments from pop cans I called ‘Pop-ies’. It has been some time since I’ve thought of using materials like this in my jewelry. You’ve kindled some new ideas… thanks!

  2. Yes, Cindy. That is exactly the kind of tin I am talking about. A lot of it has really pretty motifs on it and is one way to get color onto metal jewelry if you do not have enameling skills (enameling is on my to-do list).

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