Making Post Earrings

Tara EarringsI tend to primarily make earrings that use some type of earwire, but once in a while also make post earrings.

The pair shown here have textured silver rectangles at the top and faceted kyanite ovals suspended below.

The tips I’ve learned about making post earrings are these:

  • I use a center punch for the location where the post will be attached.  This gives me a little indentation to hold the wire while I am soldering.
  • I take the time to try and get the post soldered in the same location on both earrings – the indentation helps with this too.
  • After soldering a pair of post earrings and then cutting one of the posts too short, unsoldering it and redoing it – I realized I needed a more fool-proof approach.  I measured the length of a post on a pair of earrings I had that were comfortable and found it was 10mm.  I now place a 10mm bead on the post wire and then make the cut.  This gives me a consistent post length on every pair of earrings.
  • The last tip is courtesy of Lillith Nielander, my metals instructor at Penland in 2008.  Soldering will cause the post wire to be soft.  Taking a pair of plastic-lined pliers and gently twisting the post hardens it sufficiently such that it does not bend when being put on or taken off.  Great tip – thank you, Lilith.

I enjoyed making the pair shown here and need to add post earrings into my repertoire a little more often as they offer a different type of canvas to work with.

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  1. shush says:

    Wow! this is beautiful. Very inspiring! I write about earrings making you should check it out.

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