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I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico recently.  It is a lovely city and I walked around Old San Juan enjoying a nice summer evening and the vibrancy of life in the city.  I wanted to find a little gift to bring back for my sister and wanted something made in Puerto Rico.  There were many shops with nice selections but a lot of the merchandise was from other places.  After strolling around a bit more, I came across an area where people had tents set up and spotted a lady selling jewelry made from beach glass.

Her name is Ruth Rivera and she told me she had created a process of attaching beach glass to jewelry findings using a type of clay.  I thought she had done a beautiful job with these as well as the many other styles of earrings and necklaces she had on display.  My sister loves them and I was thrilled to find a handmade item to bring home.  If you would like more information about Ruth and her jewelry, you can contact her at

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4 Responses to Buy Handmade – In San Juan

  1. This is my first visit to your blog. As I scanned down the entries to get a feel for what’s here, I found myself saying, “She can’t make all of these pieces. They must be magazine photos. Maybe she blogs about lots of jewelry, and just makes some of it.”

    Then, I started reading and realized that you make everything here.

    What an amazing talent you have. I have never been a big jewely fan in part because I don’t know how to accessorize well. I can use a gold chain or a charm bracelet but not much else. Your jewlery makes me think that I should step up my game.

    Everything here is lovely!


  2. Madelline Perez says:

    This earrings are beautiful. In my etsy web site I offer sea glass pieces (some drilled)for the jewelry creators and some jewelry create by me. All my sea glass is pick by me and my family in the beaches of Puerto Rico. My site is new and I listed daily. I invite you.

  3. Madelline Perez says:

    My web is You are invited. This blog is amazing. I’m loving it.

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