Key 1139

Nadia Bracelet

In addition to jars with buttons and coins, I also have a jar with keys.  Why I’ve kept the keys – I really don’t know because I have no idea what they go to.  But, like buttons and coins, keys have a likeability factor – at least for me they do.  The idea struck me to use a key as the focal point in a bracelet.  One of the challenges in using coins and keys is that you are not always sure what metal you are working with and how it will react to heat and basic jewelry tools.  I figured this key was probably brass and went for it.

I annealed the key and curved it slightly into the shape needed for a bracelet and then drilled the hole at the bottom of the key.  From there, it was simple – find complementary beads and create the bracelet.  I don’t know what key 1139 used to unlock, and I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.  It has moved on and is now part of what I think is a lovely bracelet.  Do you have items you are upcycling or finding new uses for?  I’d love to hear about them.

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