Embellished Tops and Necklaces?

I used to hear that if you had a top with a lot of embellishment or ornamentation, you should stick with earrings or a bracelet as accessories.  Or, if you wore a necklace, it needed to be something tiny.  I’m noticing necklaces being worn with embellished tops, and when done the right way, the look is lovely.  The coral colored ruffled top from J Crew is an example.  I love the necklace they have paired with the top.  It makes the outfit far more interesting than it would be without the necklace.
Embelish Top J Crew

This beautiful top on Joely Fisher looks great with the multiple strand necklace.  It creates interest but does not steal the show from the vibrant color of the top and its embelishment.  I think it’s a very nice and modern combination.

Embellish Top Joely F

I think the collar of  this shirt from Ann Taylor Loft creates a problem for this style of necklace.  It’s a pretty shirt, I would either go the bracelet/earrings route or wear a bold necklace close to the throat.

Embelish Top AT Loft

So, ladies, enjoy both your necklaces and beautiful tops this fall.

Photos courtesy of J Crew, In Style Magazine, and Ann Taylor Loft respectively.

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