Project Runway – Movie Genres

Project Runway Season 6 Episode 6

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

I love this dress by Nicolas Putvinski illustrating the science fiction genre with a gorgeous ice queen.  The detailing around the neck is very sculptural and references both earrings and a necklace in its silhouette.  I also love that the dress is curve-hugging at the top and then floats beautifully away from the body at the knee.  I don’t say this often, but this dress can totally stand without any jewelry.

However, if I was going to accessorize it, my choice would be a cuff bracelet in the same metallic leather as the shoe with similar detailing bringing a little bit of hardness at the wrist to contrast with the softness of the shimmering dress.

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3 Responses to Project Runway – Movie Genres

  1. i love Fashion and i love Project Runway..~,

  2. Joe Mason says:

    Project Runway is great and we always watch it at home, hope they employ more interesting and talented contestants..~;

  3. Riley Cooper says:

    my sister always watch project runway because she likes fashion too much–‘

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