Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Eileen EarringsIt’s a fact of life – sterling silver tarnishes or darkens with exposure to air.  Many jewelry designers take advantage of this fact using the darkening in crevices to accentuate a design, but oh how I wish we could stop it there.

I store my sterling silver in small zip-style bags and this really seems to help.  The pieces stay bright and shiny far longer than if stored without the plastic bags.  When my jewelry does need cleaning, I use a silver polishing cloth if it’s a light cleaning job.  For heavy duty situations, I use a silver polish cream.  It’s a little bit of work but the results are always worth it.  Polishing creams like those by Wright’s or 3M leave the tarnish in the crevices and restore a beautiful luster to the silver.  I do not use liquid silver polish where you dip the piece in the liquid.  I find that this type of silver polish also removes the darkening in the crevices where I would like to retain it.

Question:  Do you avoid sterling silver jewelry because tarnish is a turn-off or have you found ways to manage it?

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