Jewelry – Trashonista Style, Vol 1

Photo courtesy of urbanwoodswalker

Photo courtesy of urbanwoodswalker

I love the creative and resourceful people who consider themselves to be trashonistas.  They see such potential in things other people consider to be trash.  One I’ve been noticing for a while is UrbanWoodsWalker.  First of all, how could you not love someone with a screen name that cool.  Then there’s her jewelry which is made out of soda cans and other trash.  My favorite at the moment is this necklace.  She made beautiful choices in the shapes and colors she used.  The necklace also looks to be well put together and she’s backed the charms so they are comfortable on the skin and to give them strength.

UrbanWoodsWalker says “I pick up aluminum cans off the streets, and out of trash bins, bring home and wash throughly. Then I create something of value with them.”  Call it recycling, reuse, or upcycling – I’m calling it beautifully done.

UrbanWoodsWalker is from the Chicago area and you can see more of here work by clicking here.

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