Vintage Find – Givre Glass Pin

VintagePinNot long ago, I was in Richmond, VA and had the chance to stop at Anthill Antiques in the Carytown section of Richmond.  What an amazing treat and delight it was.  The place is stocked to the gills and has case after case of vintage jewelry.  Most of it is pins, of every size and shape imaginable, but there are also beautiful necklaces and earrings.  How hard it was to decide on just one piece!  After much debate and deliberation, I chose this givre glass pin.  According to the folks at Anthill Antiques, it’s a Victorian pin from the 1800’s.

The word givre means frost in French and is the name given to transparent glass is fused around a translucent core.  In this case, the core is a soft tan color.  I just love my little vintage find and the specialness of a having bit of the past enter my life today.

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