Golden Link Earrings

Golden Link Earrings

I’ve really learned a lot when it comes to working with wire.  I remember when I first started working with it I had some trouble.  I think it occurred for two reasons – (1) I was too timid with the wire, you have to really handle it and (2) I didn’t really want to sit and practice wire-working, I wanted to make finished pieces.  Well, I got past both of those by purchasing some inexpensive copper wire and putting in the time to practice.  Truthfully, it didn’t take that long and I still turn to copper first when working out a design or trying a new technique.

These earrings were made by creating multiple circular components out of gold-filled wire and then linking them together.  I bought a pack containing several crochet hooks in various sizes and they are what I use to form wire to get consistent sizes.  So, if you look at my notes you see things like “use the pink crochet hook” and I’m really referring to  diameter.  The crochet hooks have the diameter stamped on them, it’s just easier to refer to them by color.  I’m happy with these earrings and have made some in silver and have used some of the copper ones too.

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One Response to Golden Link Earrings

  1. Lois says:

    These are sweet. I love copper too. Great for practice and can make wonderful, salable jewelry too. I think I’ll get out my crochet hooks and play with them too. Good idea.

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