Cowboy Hats and Lemonade

Portia Necklace

I’ve been in a de-cluttering mood lately.  I’m pretty neat, so my clutter situation is not that bad.  But, I do have some boxes with things I could stand to go through and one closet that is on the questionable side.  And I have gotten rid of some stuff.  It helps to just clear it and make some room.  However, some of what has been happening is that I pull out the old boxes, see beads, charms or something from a while ago, and see a different use for it.  That’s part of the story of how this necklace came about.  I’ll get to the other part.

Years ago, a friend asked me to make a bracelet that had some elements that reminded her of Texas.  I bought some brass charms and made a bracelet and earring set that she was happy with.  I had some charms left over and put them in a box and didn’t much think about them.  That is until my recent clearing out phase.  One of the charms was little brass cowboy hats.  I don’t at the present time have a use for little brass cowboy hats, but I did think, hmmm, how else could I use them…

The curve of the brim had a little art nouveau feel to it so I thought if I cut the brim from the crown of the hat, I could turn the brim part sideways, drill holes in the top and bottom, hang pearls from the bottom, attach the tops to a necklace and come up with something pretty.  Sounded like a plan.  So, I cut the hats into two pieces.  I did one or two at a time in between other projects.  Then I went to drill them.  We’re getting to the lemonade part.  Two broken steel twist drills and 20 minutes later, I realized – this was not happening.  I hated to lose all of the work of cutting the hats in half.  So that old saying came to me – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I realized the other part of the hat already had a hole in it and that I should modify my design to use that part.  So, here you see the resulting piece.  I love it.  I used garnet beads in two shapes to separate the little charms and completed the design with blush colored glass pearls.  Sometimes you’ve gotta go with how things are flowing and not fight it.  Here’s a photo of one of the cowboy hat charms before I started.


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One Response to Cowboy Hats and Lemonade

  1. Amy says:

    Nice use of the hats! And a very pretty necklace too.

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