Dash. Dot.

Dash Dot 1

A while back, I wrote about these gorgeous CZ drops and a necklace I made using four of them.  Well, I started out with six CZ teardrops and had two left – one red and the other amber.  I didn’t want to use them together again since I had already done that.  I also thought one of them might look a little sad alone, so I looked for a companion and found this little black glass piece with a red splash.  He said he wanted to play so I said OK.

I love the pairing and I call the piece dash dot.  I realize that technically it’s maybe more of an exclamation point and dot, but at this point the dash dot name has stuck.

I used black beads with white spots and black glass for the main body of the necklace and for some reason, brown crystals seemed right for the front.  A few tiny shell squares and two silver crescent roll beads complete the design.

Dash Dot 2

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3 Responses to Dash. Dot.

  1. chris says:

    dash dot… brought back some really old memories learning morse code -.-. …. .-. .. … (my name). I think the necklace is new and fresh, unlike Morse code. Nice work.

  2. kenya says:

    hello, i love the necklace, it’s so refreshing when someone thinks outside of the box. i am building a links page on my website, and was wondering if you’d be interested in a link exchange. check out my site, and if you feel that exhanging links could be beneficial to you, let me know!

    have a great day
    kenya williams

  3. thebeaddreamer says:


    Thank you so much for your comments. I will respond to your inquiry via email.


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