Many Faces

Faces Bracelet

As a jewelry designer, I have certain tendencies – I guess we all do to some extent.  One of them is primarily making single-strand bracelets and necklaces.  So, when an idea pops up that works well as a multi-strand piece, I get pretty excited.  That’s what happened with these little face charms.  I think they are cute as can be and I’ve primarily used them to make earrings in the past.  I especially liked that the charms have pierced ears and can themselves wear earrings.  They’ve had bead earrings, loop earrings, dangle earrings, you name it.

The other day I had some out on my work table and was messing around with them, laying them this way and then that.  I realized that I could make links out of them if I placed two charms chin-to-chin and then the next two head-to-head.  I wanted some color, so red came to mind.  I think this design could work with any strong primary or secondary color – black or turquoise come to mind.  This is what I came up with for earrings.  I like them, they’re fun and I made a pair for me with black beads instead of red.

Faces Earrings

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