Silver Links and Amazonite

Silver Links & Amazonite

When I got these gorgeous amazonite beads, I knew I wanted to make a necklace that interspersed the beads with silver links that had similar shapes to the amazonite beads.  I started by making silver circles in a variety of sizes and soldering them closed.  I then went to shape them into ovals and irregular shapes.  The ovals went fine – I did them using pliers and an oval mandrel I have.  Then I went to do the irregular shapes – who knew irregular would be hard?  The first couple I tried looked pretty bad and then I got the hang it.  I made some by taking an oval and then creating an indentation on one side using pliers.  I made others using a small dowel or tool on one side, a larger one on the other, and holding them like pliers and stretching out the silver circle.  After the first few, it started going pretty well and I’m happy with how the links turned out.

I flattened them slightly with a hammer, added texture, darkened them, and then polished them leaving darkness in the crevices to bring out the details.  Assembling the necklace went pretty quickly once all of the links were done.

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