The Collaboration Continues

Collaboration L to me

I’ve been involved in a collaboration with two artist friends and I’m so glad I’m participating in this.  It’s fun to see what everyone has come up with and it’s fun to add my voice to another person’s art.  No matter what I eventually end up with, I’ve enjoyed the process.  Here’s an overview of how it works – we each started with an item of our choice, we then passed it to the next person to work with, we pass it one more time, and then the piece goes back to the original owner.  Here’s the blog post where I show you what we all started with.

Above is the piece of collage are I received from one friend.  I riveted it to a textured and darkened piece of brass, laced on an old key, and then wired on some beads and bits of black twine.  She loved it when she saw it and I felt our work blended together very nicely.  But, it must undergo one more alteration before it comes back to her.

Collaboration C to L to meThis piece started with my painter friend.  She took two of the same buttons, painted a design on them, and gave one to me and one to the collage artist.  This is what the collage artist did with it.  I love it and now I get to work with it.  The piece will then go back to the person who started it.

Collaboration C to meI used the same button in a completely different way.  I created a very rustic pocket with primitive stitching in two colors on handmade felt.  This now goes to the collage artist.  She embraced the idea but had the look on her face like – why is someone giving me something that is not paper?  I trust her, she’s a good artist, she will work it out.

We’ve got a date set for the middle of March where we do the third and final handoff.  I hope we do this again.  I think we’ve all learned something from this project.  I know I have.

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2 Responses to The Collaboration Continues

  1. Marie says:

    Your blog is terrific! And your work…well, amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent with the blogosphere. I’m very new at this and spend a lot of time just looking around at the blogs of other artists. Please check out my fledgling blog at and I will gladly reciprocate in becoming a follower. Thanks so much in advance. I’ll be back!

  2. thebeaddreamer says:


    I took a look at your blog and you are off to a very nice start. Your jewelry is beautiful and it’s so nice to hear from you.

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