Claudia Necklace 1

We’ve had our first warm and sunny days in ages.  I know it will get cold again, but how nice to have even a little bit of spring.  Maybe that’s what has me thinking of dragonflies.  The base for this layered pendant is a brass circle.  I darkened it and added leaves and other elements as a subtle background pattern.  On top of the brass circle, a second circle cut from a tin box that once held tea.  You want to talk about something putting up a fight – the tea tin did not go down easily.  Between my boyfriend and me, we got it cut into pieces, but it took some doing.  I don’t have the right tin snips.  I got another pair from the hardware store yesterday.  Hopefully they will work better.

Anyway, back to the necklace.  I added the dragonfly and used two rivets to hold the pendant together.  I set the dragonfly and tin circle slightly off center allowing more of the textured brass to show on one side.  For the necklace, I used beads in tones that I think harmonize nicely with the pendant – long Indian agate tubes, carnelian, glass, copper, and a tiny dash of blue.  Enchanting, I think.

Claudia Necklace 2

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