Telsum Pendant Necklace

Telsum Pendant Necklace

The little metal pendant I used in this necklace is a Telsum Pendant from Ethiopia.  I think it is just adorable with its little bumps and beaded edges.  When I went to design the necklace, I wanted a color palette similar to beach sand.  So, I chose beads in soft gray and tan tones, with amber, brown, and the tiniest bit of black thrown in.  The most challenging aspect of designing the necklace was the fact that the pendant had loops at the top that were huge.  I had a steel bead that looked similar to the loops.  I stuck it and a brown glass bead in between the two loops.  I then added two silver beads inside the two loops to stabilize the pendant and keep the other beads from going inside those big, gigantic holes.

The beads I used are shell chips, glass, horn, and landscape stone.  I think it is subtly beautiful.  Here’s a photo of my inspiration – sand from a local beach.


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