Mosaic Pendant

Sigrid Necklace

I have always loved mosaic jewelry and received my first piece of mosaic jewelry – a pair of hear earrings – from my Aunt Margaret when I was a teenager.  I still have them – they also have little flowers similar to the ones shown above.  I don’t see mosaic jewelry often, and so I notice it when I come across a piece.

This pendant started life as a pin.  I wanted it to be a necklace so I cut the pin back off.  I then created a brass setting to cover the area where the pin back was and to add holes for hanging.  The backing has four little tabs that hold the mosaic piece in place.  I drafted the backing out in cardboard first – it’s way easier to make adjustments when you are working with paper.  Once I got the pattern correct, I moved to metal.  Realizing that there was no where I could put the tabs that wouldn’t cover some piece of the design, I did my best to place them.  I worried that they would perhaps take away from the mosaic piece, but now find them to be hardly noticeable.

I felt a necklace made of darkened brass loops and olive green glass pearls enhanced the lovely mosaic pendant.  If I’m lucky enough to come across another one, I now know how to convert it to a pendant.

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2 Responses to Mosaic Pendant

  1. Menka says:

    Very nice pendant! I just get amazed by your creative designs all the time 🙂

  2. thebeaddreamer says:


    Thank you – it is so nice to hear from you and your comment is really appreciated.

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