From Nora

From Nora

My dear friend Val visited recently – we talked and laughed into the night.  She brought this pendant with her and asked if I would design a necklace for it.  It was a from the jewelry collection of her friend Nora who had recently passed away.  I was happy to design a necklace that would allow Val to wear the piece in honor of Nora.

I had never seen a pendant like this.  It is clear glass with a bird design carved and etched into the back of the glass.  My goal was to design a necklace that was interesting but kept the pendant as the focal point.  I think I achieved that by using beads with only hints of gold, bronze, and gray.  I did play with shape in the bead choices which was fine since the color palette was so quiet.

Here are Val’s thoughts on Nora –

When I think of Nora, I think of life, joy and laughter.  I remember her smile and her youthful and playful nature. At 92 you would be drawn by her presence and her sense of style.  Even at 92 she loved jewelry, her favorite shade of lipstick and her favorite perfume.

When Nora passed away, I was asked if I wanted a piece of her jewelry. I selected this beautiful pendant which hung from a simple gold chain.  Nora would have loved how the Bead Dreamer  transformed this cherished pendant into a stunning heirloom.  Thank you so much!

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