Various Stages of “Started”

Stages of Started

Most of us have tendencies in how we work, ebbs and flows, preferences, routines, needs for more or less order, whatever works for us.  For a long time, I worked in a very linear manner.  I started a piece and I worked on it until it was done.  Now, I find that my manner or working is much more fluid and it leads me to have various pieces in some stage of being started.

That’s where I am right now and these are some of the pieces.  Some are on their way to being finished pieces that I hope to complete this week.  Others are like holding places for ideas.  Bob (Ebendorf) called them visual sketchbooks.

For example, near the bottom center of the photo is a matte finish glass bead that is half teal and half burgundy.  It is sitting beside a textured brass square.  I like them together, I want to hold on to the idea, but don’t want to make it right this minute.  Either because I’m finishing something else or because I want the idea to simmer on a mental back burner and ripen a little bit.  I’m not bothered by this way of working because I get the pieces done.  I’m  just letting things roll out the way they want to and it’s working for me right now.

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One Response to Various Stages of “Started”

  1. Kristen says:

    I loved reading about your philosophy of letting things roll. Great way to filter life that I need to remember.

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