Poems from Iris

Antoinette Earrings

Iris is an artist, story-teller, and poet.  I have been fortunate enough to make her acquaintance through photo sharing on Flickr.  Iris creates beautiful art and then weaves stories around some of the art and writes poems about others.  Her most famous character is Rose and I must say, Rose has had many adventures.

It is always a special day when Iris takes the time to leave a poem for me about one of my pieces of jewelry.  Here’s what she wrote about these earrings, having a little fun with the name I chose for them:

marie antoinette wore these elegant earrings
never was one to have any hard feelings
the day they were ordered to guillotine her head
earrings were saved and then declared dead

You can see Iris’ artwork, poems and stories on Flickr.  She’s a sweet and talented lady.

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One Response to Poems from Iris

  1. Cute earrings, I see how they reminded you of Marie Antoinette–and what a cute, funny (albeit morbid) little poem!

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