Winged Things and Dark Nights

Is it wrong to buy a six-pack of beer because you like the bottle top?  I’m thinking no because that’s exactly what happened here.  I saw the unicorn and thought it was so pretty that I bought a six-pack.  I had some brass charms that were the perfect size to frame the unicorn.  I cut the inside out of one and placed it on top and then left the second one whole for the backing.  I darkened the brass with heat to bring down some of the shine and help it relate better to the colors in the unicorn piece.

The unicorn of course has wings.  The other winged things – tiny black ceramic bird beads.  They are arranged into pairs separated on where two heads meet by round black beads and by black rondells where two bottoms meet.  Often, necklaces either want to stay the same size as you move from front to back or reduce down in size.  This one did not, it actually wanted to get a little bigger as you move to the back, and I think it works.

And the beer – my boyfriend graciously finished it, a noble sacrifice for jewelry making.

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