Bracelet Length Sleeves

Fashion changes, things come and go, and there are always inventive names for every change.  It is that way with hemlines and it is that way with sleeves.  You’ve got the basics – long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless.  And you’ve got the variations – cap sleeves, three-quarter length, elbow length; I’m sure there are others.

This spring, I’ve seen the bracelet length sleeve.  It longer than three-quarters and hits slightly above the wrist.  I’m cold-natured and happy to get a little extra fabric when I can, so to me this is an improvement over three-quarter length sleeves which have been somewhat dominant.  I do long for the day when manufacturers can manage to make actual long sleeves a common thing – especially in winter.  Go figure.

But, with the myriad of sleeve options also come options for accessorizing them and bracelet-length sleeves do work wonderfully with bracelets because the sleeve does not cover the bracelet.  They give you the option of showing off your bead, charm, or cuff bracelets.  They offer the perfect opportunity to get creative and stack bracelets.  Even stacks of old wrist watches can be cute.   So, whatever the winds of fashion bring, have fun accessorizing and enjoy the moment.

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