Happy Customer


I got a Tweet this week from Donna Maria of Indie Business asking me to take a look at one of her blog posts.  I did and have to tell you I was so surprised and thrilled.  Not only was she wearing some jewelry she bought from me, she also mentioned it.  I love nothing better than a happy customer.  So, if you have a moment take a look.

Thanks, Donna Maria.

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2 Responses to Happy Customer

  1. Thank you for sharing this with your readers, Charlene. I am over the moon about your jewelry. In fact, I wore one of your bracelets today when I gave a social media presentation. Your jewelry is made with such love and care. It pleases me greatly to wear one-of-a-kind pieces made by someone who just really loves what they do. I am so glad I found you (or did you find me?) Whatever, I love sharing your wonderful work. I’m saving up for my next piece. It’s so hard to decide what to treat myself to next!! Thanks again — you’re amazing!

  2. thebeaddreamer says:

    Donna Maria,

    You are very welcome. It means so much that you are happy with the jewelry. I do put a lot of care and love into every piece and I am glad to see that it comes through.

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